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  • Feds demand $4 billion from California over wildfires

    CALIFORNIA: In a bankruptcy hearing, FEMA argues that PG&E owes the federal government $4 billion for disaster response, saying the company’s poor maintenance is akin to starting wildfires on purpose. (San Francisco Chronicle) ALSO: • A federal bankruptcy judge ruled PG&E investors may not bring claims against the utility, ultimately because of the amount of “chaos” such actions could create.

  • Carbon tax fades from agenda as candidates push bolder plans

    POLITICS: Carbon taxes have lost their political allure over the past decade as candidates shifted to more ambitious proposals such as the Green New Deal. (E&E News) ALSO: • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reads the entirety of the Green New Deal on the House floor after noting some colleagues say they haven’t read it.

  • Indiana Senate anticipates changes to coal bailout bill

    ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: Community groups in Chicago call for more input and oversight on plans to redevelop a former coal plant site, raising concerns that a planned distribution hub will cause more air pollution. (Energy News Network) OVERSIGHT: Advocates say a former Democratic lawmaker recently appointed to the Missouri Public Service Commission can help lead action on clean energy policies.